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Fast and Furious

The turbulent reign of Arnab Goswami

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WHEN A MASSIVE FIRE ERUPTED at Mantralaya, the headquarters of the Maharashtra state government in Mumbai, shortly before 3 pm on 21 June, national news channels interrupted their broadcasts with live coverage of the blaze. Producers at Times Now, which calls itself “India’s most-watched English news channel”, borrowed footage from a Hindi channel until their broadcast vans reached the place at 3.20 pm, and the channel’s reporters and cameramen began to record pictures and describe the scene. A jittery camera found frightened people inching away from blazing windows on a ledge high above. A man dressed in white, just out of reach of the firemen, swung down from an air conditioner’s holding cage, put one foot on an open window frame a floor below, and gingerly reached out to another window, a few feet away, with the toes of his other foot. Nothing but the ground lay beneath. His desperate bid to stay alive replayed every few minutes, looped on a split screen alongside live images of the spreading flames.

Rahul Bhatia is a reporter. He previously worked for Open magazine, Mint, ESPN Cricinfo and The Caravan, among other places, and his writing has appeared in The Wall Street Journal.


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Without saying a lot about your grammar, i just want to ask you.. how much have you been paid by NDTV, CNN IBN or any of the other channel who just couldnt keep up with Arnab to talk nonsense here?

Its B.S Yeddyurappa. I had read that article in which Mr. Sardesai allegedly said that since Mr. BSY is a mass leader its not good to accuse him like that.

I don’t think you can simply draw parallel between Rahul Bhatia and Sanjeev Bhatt. Rahul is narrating from research and interviews what otherwise looks obvious. Arnab & probably Times Now too will go like a thud whenever it will…

Wat is disturbing is tat employees of Times now have passed judgment on Arnab. It is very unprofessional on their part to do so. Is Times now run on public funds?? no?? If t employees r so concerned about unprofessionalism, they themselves r behaving in t same way…….sometimes Arnab might be going overboard but credit needs to be given to him for capturing t imagination of so many ppl……..Caravn’s next article will be on Mr Kejriwal i guess blaming him for taking politics to an altogether different new (((low in their definition))))….lol…..

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