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Talk Of the Town

How Arun Jaitley wins friends and influences people

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Praveen Donthi is a Staff Writer at The Caravan. He is trained as a researcher in modern Indian history and became a journalist by accident. He has previously worked for Tehelka, Hindustan Times and Deccan Herald.


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37 thoughts on “Talk Of the Town”

NaMo is a very smart politician in the BJP. He has managed to keep both Arun and Sushma under check, within confines that he desires and thus managed the first year of his government well. Time will tell whether these two strong folks within the BJP will continue with their current ministerial roles for the remainder of the four years. All politicians are manipulative and the difference in only in degree. Arun can be certainly compared to Chidambaram in every aspect and they both survive only because of the electronic media that controls Delhi. Through a semblance of sophistication, they both have tried to get good ratings while not being overly bothered about the larger public good since both do not have any connect with the people of India. It is a well researched and well written article in keeping with the high standards of CARAVAN’s journalism that sets it apart.

Well written.But little confused to consider it as pro-Jaitley or against him .But one thing that media is acting according to the personal relation with the respective government or politician.It is difficult for us to believe media and journalists as they are so TRP driven now.

a few corrections. The India-SL match was abandoned before 10 overs were bowled and not midway which is a technically wrong thing to write.

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